• Spring, Change & Pain

    Spring, such a wonderful time of the year.  The smell of fresh cut grass, the trees birthing their new leaves, the flowers blooming, and the birds singing.  The days get longer and the temperature is nice (depending on where you live).  It’s a change from the old and dark days before.
  • Healthy Tote Insider’s Club-April Challenge-Get Healthy

     We are excited to launch our first “Get Healthy” challenge in our Facebook Group “Healthy Tote Insider’s Club”.  It’s spring and a new season.  It’s time for a season of change.  Read more about our challenge from our original Facebook post:

     It's spring! It's a great time to take care of ourselves, right? I propose a little Get Healthy Challenge for April. We'll call it our HT Insider's Club April Challenge. (so original, I know :)) Here's how it will work.

  • Have you ever had an electronic free weekend?

    I thought about it once.  Our family took a trip to the deer lease for a few days.  We start our 4 hour trip and the family has all of their cords for their phones and tablets.  Everyone is plugged in and connected.  My phone’s GPS is plotting the course.  I always use the GPS on trips, so that I am aware of the traffic ahead and I like to know our expected time of arrival.  All is good, until we reach a 2 hour section of road with no cell service.  What!  This is when I started to realize just how dependent I am on my phone.  My husband knows the way and we don’t even need the GPS, but I like it.  That was the longest two hours.  I kept checking for service and the kids kept asking when they could use their tablets and phone again.  What an eye opener!
  • Where’s the Baseball Moms & Softball Moms?

    Hey!  I bet most of you have started your ball season by now.  It’s an exciting time in our household for sure.  The chaos of getting to practice, games, finding time for homework and everything else we are supposed to do in life.  I know for us, it seems normal life shuts down and all I know is go, go and go for the next several months. 

    If my kid didn’t love baseball, I think I would try to persuade them not to play.  Did I say that?  Don’t get me wrong I love sitting in the stands and cheering for our team.  There’s so much excitement.  I can’t believe I get so worked up during my child’s game.  I never thought I’d be one of those moms, yelling with excitement, biting my nails, covering my face, walking away when my son is up to bat.  Oh, my heart gets sucked in and all kinds of emotions arrive.  It’s fun and I love it.  Just not the busy schedule.

  • What's your Spring Break Plans?

    Can you believe that Spring Break is just around the corner?  The kids will be out of school for a week and you may be too.  Or you could be busy coordinating baby sitters and trying to get everything done at work so that you can have a great spring break weekend?  Either way, it’s time to have a plan.  Here’s a few ideas.

    If you have the week off and are planning on a destination vacation, then check out this link to the Travel Channel’s top 10 family spring breaks vacation spots.  These include Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, Smuggler’s Notch Resort, Racho de los Caballeros, and Steamboat Springs.

  • Why do we go Out to Eat?

    How often does your family go “out” to dinner?  We go out too much.  We have this weird roller coaster cycle of dinners.  I meal plan, cook and we eat at home for 2 weeks.  Then life happens and meal planning is tossed out the window.  We rummage through the pantry and freezer a few nights and then end up eating out several times a week.  Then we get back on schedule. 

    Back when I strived for perfection all the time, I would get upset by the constant fluctuations of our life.  Why couldn’t it be perfect all the time?  Well—we all know that can’t happen and I finally got tired of beating myself up for the lack of perfection.  I’m real now and I know that we will eat out more than I would like.  But, hey.  I’m doing the best with what I have and where I am right now in my life. 

  • Build it in the Winter

    Have you ever heard the phrase “build it in the winter?”  What the heck am I talking about? There’s lots of things you can build in the winter, but this is one of my favorite quotes.  “Summer Bodies are Built in the Winter.” 

    Think about that first warm day of spring when you pull the shorts out of the closet.  (Or maybe some of us from the south have been wearing shorts all winter.  Go ahead and play along.)  You haven’t worn shorts in months and it’s so exciting to wear them again!  The season is changing and the weather feels good.  Your mood is good.  The season change brings a new perspective, new attitude, and new hope.  What happens when you put those shorts on and they are too tight?  That new spring attitude quickly turns into frustration and disappointment. 

  • Valentine’s Day is almost here!

    Maybe you should give your sweetie something more than just a gift.  While we all love receiving gifts, (how about flowers or diamonds) we also love free meaningful gifts.  Here’s a list of free gifts you can give this Valentine’s Day or let these things be an addition to your gift. 

    • Sweet love letter
    • Back or foot massage
    • Nice candlelight dinner at home
  • New Year's Resolutions

    Let's talk a little today about those New Year's Resolutions you made a few weeks ago.  How's it going?  Are you doing everything you set out to do?  If not, keep reading.  If so, keep reading.
  • The Best Weight Loss Lesson I Ever Learned

    We learned lots of information in Health Coach school.  We learned about nutrition, stress and hormones, and 100 dietary theories.  All of it was great information, but there’s one thing that stuck out that I find myself repeating over and over when people ask me about dieting.  It’s so true and I wish I had realized it sooner in life.

    We are all different.  Different diets and ways of eating will work differently for each individual person.  This was hard for me to comprehend at first.  I have an accounting background and in my mind, everything is absolutes.  There are no grey or iffy areas.  I used to love counting calories.  Why?  It was math.  Energy in (food) minus energy out (exercise) will equal weight loss.  It had to work, it’s simple math?  Right?  Not at all.  When you add hormones and stress to the equation, it does not always work. 

  • A Note to Moms of Littles

    It had been years since I attempted to take my kids to the hike and bike trail. Before children, the hike and bike was a productive place for me. I would walk, sweat and leave feeling on top of the world. Once my first child was born, I thought, oh I can go to the hike and bike and push him in the stroller. It would be great for him to get out and get some sunshine, see the ducks and other people in the park, and I would get a great workout. But nope, first born hated the stroller. He wanted out! I tried several times over the years, and the hike and bike only brought me frustration.
  • Happy New Year!

    Another New Year's!  The older I get the quicker those new years come.  It just seems that time is moving faster and faster.  I know that's impossible, but goodness, it sure feels that way. 

    We are excited to bring you so many new things in 2017.